Reopen….Are Conference Venues Next?

So reopening? Is it set to start soon for events and conferencing? In the USA the Orange Convention Centre will open on the 14th July 2020 and following closely will be Amsterdam the RAI Amsterdam Convention Complex and Spain’s, Fira de Barcelona to host the Summer Trade Fairs. We wish, wish, wish to open our doors to welcome back our colleagues, delegates, and clients back to our conference and office spaces. And so, precautions, measurements, and professional cleaning has been completed to adhere to our ‘new normal’ with social distancing offices and conferencing venue spaces, so our lovely clientele can be kept safe and well. Fingers (firmly) crossed for the events to commence and back to hosting duties (including our new range of breakfast and afternoon treats!). Oh and watch this space for the launch of our Virtual Hybrid Tech Conferencing. Now we wait for Mr. Drakeford’s words of wisdom and freeing, keep safe everyone from Clwyd Chambers.
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Windy here or what!?

If you think that its windy today (it is here in Rhyl) …Fun fact… The strongest winds in the solar system are on Saturn where they reach speeds of over 1,100mph. Don’t feel so bad now. Have a lovely windy day in lock down #inthistogether #NHSHeros
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First time using Canva

This is my first review of using Canva. Yes as a first timer I decided that the free version was the way to go… I can definitely make something look great with whats available in the free version. Thats true to a point. Well after trying for a while and failing, at 1.32am I decided to take ‘advantage’ of the 30 day free trial… I made some fantastic ‘Info graphics’, if i do say so myself. And at 2.00 am I suspect I am a life long member. Here is a go at my first attempts. What do you think?  @canva 
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